Our Mission

To improve the operational reliability of batteries in electrified assets across industries.

Our Vision

To enable a renewable energy revolution powered by safer batteries at lower cost with less waste.

Our Founders

Evan and Shyam got their start as early engineers building Tesla Autopilot and the Nest Learning Thermostat. They share a passion for building high-reliability embedded systems that bring the impact of machine learning and cutting edge science into practical reality.

Shyam Srinivasan

Chief Executive Officer

Evan Murphy

Chief Technology Officer

Our Team

Our team brings top researchers in physics-based battery algorithms together with seasoned software engineers to build safety-critical firmware and large scale machine learning systems. We bring with us decades of experience from Toyota, Proterra, Tesla, Gogoro, Google, and Facebook.

Jackie Maslyn, PhD

Battery Algorithms R&D

Patrick Herring, PhD

Battery Algorithms R&D

Daniel Vickery

VP of Technology Deployment (APAC)

Johnny Stefanski

Head of Operations

Beth Goldberg

Software Engineer

Wen Xing

Head of Software

Brian Goodall

Software Engineer

Sharon Kuo

Software Engineer

Zach Gima, PhD

Battery Algorithms R&D

Megan Pitcavage

Head of Data Quality

Jose Romero

Battery Test Engineer

Xander Rudelis

Software Engineer

JR Romero

Battery Test Engineer

Liana Braun

Operations Project Manager

Sam Wilson

Battery Test Engineer

Nikolai Christofferson

Chief of Staff