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Zitara supports flexible deployments of our precision battery algorithms using cloud APIs, standalone embedded implementations, or cloud-edge hybrid learning solutions.

Algorithms and simulations are carefully validated for your cell chemistry and pack architecture using dynamic loads drawn from field use cases.

Real-Time Operations

Onboard Energy Lookahead

Degradation, dynamic loads, and temperature variation can introduce >20% error in estimation of available energy. Onboard Energy Lookahead combines enhanced SoC and SoH algorithms to provide reliable predictions of time-to-empty, time-to-full, heat generation, and voltage response.

Lifetime & Warranty Managment

Running with static operating parameters leaves >30% of useful lifetime on the table. Zitara uses dynamic operating parameters to continuously optimize depth of cycle, temperature regulation, and fast charging rates to maximize return on investment and mitigate warranty risk.

Predictive Shutdown

Static safety limits are not resilient to cell defects, water ingress, mechanical damage, or thermal anomalies. Zitara enables predictive safety thresholds to detect anomalies and shut down assets ahead of thermal events.

Simulation and Planning

Battery Systems Integration Toolbox

Battery systems engineers and developers don't have good tools for applying model-driven design to system engineering and reliability testing. Integration Toolbox makes it easy.

Track and manage cell, pack, and BMS testing and validation processes - bring your own or use Zitara's white-glove testing services to launch a compliant test program on day one. Run validated lifetime performance simulations and SoX  estimation across the entire design space immediately - without returning to the lab.

Toolbox interfaces with existing cycler and lab infrastructure, and hooks into MATLAB/Simulink and other popular tools via Zitara's universal API.

Reliability & Compliance Services

Get the most out of your testing budget using our white-glove cell and pack reliability test design & management services. Leverage our advanced modeling and algorithms to get ahead of performance and safety issues over cycle life and mechanical stress.

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